Socially Distanced Dining: Restaurant Tenting Increases Dining Space

As restaurants keep their lights on, doors open and kitchens cooking in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they face interesting challenges especially on the Outer Banks. Meeting limited occupancy restrictions can also create amazing opportunities in our beautiful, coastal environment.

At Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals, our team served many locally owned restaurants to provide expanded dining space with our tent rentals. Al fresco dining with café lighting and a side dish of sea breezes created the perfect ambience for many locals and vacationing diners.

In addition to to-go, curbside pickup or delivery, restaurants were able to add outdoor seating to their list of options for their patrons.

Tenting outside of the restaurant was able to be completely customizable to fit their specific space and needs. Our tents provided weather protection and a clean environment for diners. Several restaurants also requested exterior side walls and specialty lighting to enhance the comfort for their patrons.

We want to give a special shout-out to those amazing local restaurants all along the OBX that thought outside of their 4 walls to exceptionally serve their customers.

We encourage you to please support small businesses now and in the future.