The Incalculable Importance of Insurance

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Insurance is a must when it comes to your health, your car, and any other expensive endeavor in life. Why not secure wedding insurance for one of the biggest  (and potentially most expensive!) events of your life? We understand you invest a great deal of time and money in your wedding and don’t want all of your efforts and funds to dissipate due to an unforeseen incident. Although Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals does not require insurance, we highly recommend securing insurance for your special day in the Outer Banks.


First and foremost this is NOT a promotion for any specific insurance company and we did not get paid in any way to write this article. We simply believe that if you plan on investing thousands of dollars in your wedding, it is worth being insured just in case. 

If you decide to secure wedding insurance ensure you understand exactly what the policy covers.

Don’t rain on my parade.

Insurance companies cover many matters of contention with different qualifications. One of the most prevalent concerns we see with couples getting married in the Outer Banks is the possibility of a hurricane or severe weather. Refund policies due to a hurricane vary depending on the Outer Banks wedding vendors. Be sure to carefully read and understand before signing your contracts!

Read Ocean Atlantic Event Rental’s contract here!

Why bother with insurance?

Instances that insurance could potentially cover are damaged dress, lost rings, cancellation of a wedding, postponement (think military deployment or unexpected illness), lost or damaged photographs/ flowers, lost deposits ( if a vendor goes out of business) or vendor no shows (it’s happened).  According to Travelers Insurance data collected from the past five years, the three top reasons for travel related insurance claims resulted from inclement weather, venues going bankrupt, or someone critical to the event fell ill or was injured.

Isn’t it expensive?

Insurance can be relatively cheap. Traveler’s Wedding Protector Plan provides coverage for as little as $160.00.

Is $160.00 worth coverage for a potential loss of thousands of dollars and the peace of mind that comes with such coverage? We think so. With so much on the minds of brides, grooms, and their family leading up to the wedding day, having confidence that the overall wedding investment is safe regardless of weather or happenstance can greatly reduce stress levels across the board!

Oh, and another great way to insure against inclement weather is to always have a TENT BACKUP!

Here are a few of the top results for wedding insurance companies:

Wedsure Wedding Insurance

Wedding Protector Plan (Travelers)


Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals is not affiliated with any insurance company. Any information from this article was obtained from Travelers Insurance Wedding Protector Plan pamphlet. Information and coverage will be dependent upon situation and agreement between you and your insurance company. This article does not guarantee coverage. Please discuss coverage in depth and ask questions when discussing specific situational coverage with your selected insurer.



Photo credit: Genevieve Stewart Photography