West Coast Frame Tents are best for back yard gatherings, oyster roasts, graduations, and events where keeping tent costs low is the most important goal.  All have the option of sidewalls (side curtains) to protect your event from the elements. This model tent is perfect for smaller events as well as catering tents, and tents where low wind noise is not a priority. Sizing is based upon occupancy and space needed to accommodate your desired layout, as well as your venue allowances and space.  We can guide you into the right tent for the right size of gathering!


Our 15″ model is offered in a 15’x15′ size only.

The 20′ model is available in a 20’x20′ through to a maximum 20’x60′ size.

Start by creating a Wish List with your best guess for your guest count, and we will do the rest!
$Call our office for more details and to let one of our Event Specialists help you to plan your perfect tented event.

Additional information

Number of guests (Guesstimate)

50 or less, 75-100, 150ish, 200 max