Our Trac tents are our top of the line tents. They are extremely quiet in wind, which is a daily weather factor on the Outer Banks.

The 30′ and 40′ wide trac tents all have the option of sliding sidewalls (side curtains) to protect your event from the elements. Tent sizes range from 30’x30′ to 30’x110′ in the 30′ category. Tent sizes range from 40’x40′ to 40’x140′ in the 40′ category. Sizing is based upon occupancy and space needed to accommodate your desired layout as well as your venue allowances and space.

Our Trac tents are our most popular and best option for your outdoor wedding or event.


$ Call our office for more details and to let one of our Event Specialists help you to plan your perfect tented event.