Package pricing includes:

*30’x50′ frame tent

*Clear sidewalls for 2 sides

*Fabric leg drapes

*Vintage 1x+1 lighting scheme inside the tent

*5-30″ round cocktail tables with poly linens for cocktail hour

*1-36″ round tables for the Sweetheart couple with a poly linen

*1-36″ round cake table with poly linen

*Seating for 100 guests using a mix of 60″ rounds and 6′ banquet tables with poly linens

*3-6′ banquet tables for gifts, Dj and back bar usage with poly linens

*100 poly napkins

*100 white resin folding chairs for reception use

*Cad diagram creation to show you seating and possible layout (includes 2 additional edits)

*12’x15′ oak parquet dancefloor

*Tent permitting fee (we file the tenting permit and schedule fire inspection for you)

*Necessary fire safety kits


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