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Another great floor covering option, rather than a traditional stand-alone dance floor, the Snap-Lock flooring is a great option for outdoor events when looking to be used when NOT being covered by a tent or other covering. If being used on grass or other soft surfaces, Event-Deck Subflooring will be rented additional, in order to provide a stable surface under the dancefloor.

Bamboo Snap-Lock Dance Floor

Rented in 3’x3′ blocks (9sq ft) and can only be formed as a square or rectangle.

No odd-shaped designs.


Here are just three of our popular size floors (many more are offered): Keep in mind dancefloors are based on guest count and the overall group expected to be dancing.

Bamboo Snaplock dancefloor- 12’x12′ base cost-$259.00
Bamboo Snaplock dancefloor-15×15- base cost $405.00
Bamboo Snaplock dancefloor-24×24- base cost $1,034.00

***Many more sizes available.***