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Black & White Parquet Dance Floor

Black & White Parquet Dance Floor
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Black and white parquet dancefloors are beautiful heavy duty flooring for using on a variety of surfaces. This dancefloor must be covered by a tent to protect the flooring from permanent damage. This style flooring has silver edging to provide a smooth transition as you step on the dancefloor.
Available in 3' x 4' sections which allows us to customize your flooring size depending on space and your particular event needs.

Here are just three of our popular size floors (many more are offered): Keep in mind dancefloors are based off of guest count and overall group expected to be dancing.

Black and White Parquet Wood-12x12- base cost $288.00
Black and White Parquet Wood-15x16- base cost $480.00
Black and White Parquet Wood-24x24- base cost $1,152.00

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